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Social Activities and Transport ​


Social Activities

The SHINE Social Centre has a variety of center-based social support programs that cover a wide range of activities and interests. Each week, our clients can enjoy a range of activities which include luncheons, social outings, morning and afternoon teas, canasta as well as full service day outings, by private bus, to a variety of interesting venues all over the Perth area and beyond. 

A usual day spent in the Social Centre gives our clients mental and physical stimulation as well as social interaction with friends and peers. Morning tea is provided on arrival at the Social Centre. All clients are encouraged to join in with our gentle exercises at the start of the day which assist with maintaining flexibility and mobility. We also provide a selection of indoor activities such as carpet bowls, indoor golf, Nintendo Wii contests and a rotation of other activities. A range of guest speakers and musical entertainment are also regularly organised events, which is a great opportunity for other Day Center users to join us. A two-course homestyle meal is prepared and cooked on site, and the menu is developed in conjunction with our clients and the availability of seasonal produce. 

SHINE Community Services will make all the necessary arrangements for staff and volunteers to accompany our clients, ensuring their safety and comfort at all times. Most of our regular clients have a chosen day and come weekly, whilst some may come twice a week and enjoy the social support from fellow clients and staff. Our clients have a number of routes they can take to the SHINE Community Services' Social Centre, either by our private bus service, public transport via the Cottesloe Train Station and bus stop, or may opt to arrange their own transportation. 

Client interest is essential in the planning of the activities schedule. 

Booking information for our daily events and activities can be found here.

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A service that SHINE Community Services is proud to offer is our private transport service that utilizes both our private bus and car fleet. The use of this service gives our clients access to their local shopping center, social visits with friends and family, attending community events in their local area or completing day to day tasks such as visiting the pharmacy or news agency. A loss of mobility or a loss of licence can mean that people become isolated in their home or become totally dependent on family and friends.

At SHINE Community Services, we understand that people value their independence, which is why we are proud to provide transport services that help people reclaim their independence and allowing our clients to take responsibility for their transport requirements.


We have a competent team of staff and volunteer drivers who are happy to assist in providing our transport services to our clients. For more information regarding this service, please contact us for a friendly chat.

Additional Services 

If you are looking to arrange your own services in addition to, or outside of, a Government program, SHINE Community Services offers a selection of their activities and events on a one-off or on-going basis, with no need to lock yourself into any contracts or obligations. We are open and flexible to suit everyone's needs. For a friendly chat about what you are after, please contact us to discuss further options.