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​Here at SHINE Community Services, we pride ourselves on the range of activities we are able to offer to our clients for their enjoyment. Browse our selection of activities and see what we can do for you.


More information on booking the events can be found here.


Each second Wednesday, SHINE Community Servies organises for a qualified podiatrist from Allied Health to come to the SHINE Reablement Centre for the benefit of our clients. Bookings are essential and transport can be arranged at the time of booking.

Canasta Cards

Every Tuesday afternoon the group meets at SHINE Community Services for a game or two of Canasta and followed up with afternoon tea. Looking to brush up on an old skill? Experienced players and beginners wanting to learn a new card game are more than welcome each week.

Technology Classes

​Want to learn some new skills? SHINE Community Services offers classes on how to operate tablets and computers. We have a range of brand new iPad minis and Android devices to choose from. Contact the office to see when the next class is being held.

Art Classes

Want to impress your friends with a new masterpiece? Art Classes are held once a week every Monday early afternoon. Get a few friends together and see what you can create!

Cafe Connoisseurs

The crowd get together every Wednesday and head to a new location for a cuppa and great company. It is ideal for those who are still active and who enjoy exploring new venues regularly with a group of like-minded people.

SHINE Movie Luncheon

Each month SHINE showcases a new movie for the enjoyment of our people. With transport available, all movie-goers are invited to the local cinema to enjoy a new release, followed by lunch at a local cafe.

Reablement Centre

The SHINE Reablement Centre is the place to be when it comes to the events held at SHINE Community Services. Our open plan, high ceiling rooms form the ideal location when catching up with friends over a cuppa or taking part in one of the many classes we offer.

Guest Speakers & Information Sessions

On occasion, SHINE Community Services hosts guest speakers from the community and information sessions from organisations on topics that influence your lifestyle and may have an impact on your living arrangements. Each session is located in our centre with lunch included, and transport is available.

Scrabble Group

Come and play a few games of Scrabble in our centre! Test your mind and challange your word skills against other keen minded people. See if your vocabulary can get you the highest word score. Our people and volunteers are more than happy to to help you if you have not played in a while, or are new to the game. A light afternoon tea is included with each session.

Seated Exercise Classes

Our instructor is a experienced yoga instructor that has seen many decades of teaching people well into their 80's. These classes are suited for all levels of fitness and ranges of motion, with the option to either increase or decrease the difficulty of movements to suit your comfort level.

Functional Exercise Classes

Our exercise classes suit all fitness levels and are ideal for those over 65. Each class runs for about an hour with morning tea available after each class for a gold coin donation. The class is run by a qualified physiotherapist instructor from Lifecare. If required, transport is available for a small charge each way. When booking your class, please mention if you need transport.

Social Club Outings

The SHINE Social Club hosts up to four outings per month. These outings are open to all, with a 'the more, the merrier' attitude. Destinations include museums, art galleries, exhibitions and more. Places are limited and get snapped up fast, so bookings are essential.

Mystery Outings

Add some excitement to your weekends with our Mystery Outing surprise! Each outing is a complete surprise for the group, with a lovely lunch always enjoyed by the event goers.

Tai Chi

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